Your Shareholder Register Is Upping Its Game

Great news for all statutory register enthusiasts out there - we've made yours even better on Capdesk! That's right, we just turned your old, lengthy excel export into a majestic PDF document with a sharper look. We also expanded its content to include several recommended documents as well - namely, your register of issuances (allotments), transfers, and reorganisations (adjustments). 


Let's take a look.

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First thing's first : from your 'Shares' tab, navigate to 'Export' and click 'Shareholder Register'. You should receive an email with a link to download your report in PDF form pronto.  


Your shareholder register on Capdesk



In the PDF, you'll see your register of members (aka shareholder register) as per usual, outlining the details of each of your stakeholders in a separate section. 


Your updated statutory register on Capdesk


Your additional recommended registers are included in similar tables in their own individual page within the same document. 

shareholder management platform

N.B. Keep an eye out for more updates on this feature, as we've got big plans to include splits/merges in the adjustments section real soon. 


Simple as that! We hope this makes life a little easier for you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to as always. 


Anastasia Valti
Anastasia Valti

Anastasia holds an MSc in International Marketing, and is currently our Marketing Associate at Capdesk's London office.