Release Notes July 2017

While you been enjoying summer and holidaying on the beach, we have spent July grinding in the lab to bring you improvements, bug fixes and new features on Capdesk.

The Rhino (Capdesk 2.0) was launched in June. We have spent the last month stabilising the system and correcting migration issues. The new platform is now running smoothly, but some users might have unnoticed issues. Please check your account and get in touch If you or your shareholders have noticed something different since the migration to Capdesk 2.0.

New on Capdesk in July

Shareholder export

This feature has been requested by many users for a long time and we are very pleased that it is now available. In short, you can now go to the investor list and request an export. The system will generate a list of all shareholders to you which is subsequently sent as a excel file to your email inbox. No more contacting Capdesk support to get your investor list from the system.


How to export shareholder register on Capdesk How to export shareholder register on Capdesk


News framework

As some of you might know we have experienced issues with Microsoft Outlook based email clients. This has resulted in bad looking emails when sending Capdesk news. We have implemented a new email framework that solves the issue. We are very sorry for those of you who had bad experiences with the old framework. We are working to improve the news framework further in coming months. Increasing the options for customisation by adding formatting of text, more pictures etc. We want to give you the best tools for investor communication and we are getting there.


Updated news framework on Capdesk Updated news framework on Capdesk


Share numbers for unique share classes

We have expanded the share number functionality with Finnish standards. Each unique share class can now have their own share serial numbers. We recommend Finnish companies who want to enable share numbers for different share classes to contact Capdesk support through

And much more...

But, we cannot fit all our work into the release notes. Would be too boring. Hope you are enjoying the updates and the summer. We are going back to the lab and will be back with more news soon.

Casper Arboll
Casper Arboll

COO and co-founder at Capdesk