Something Incredible is Happening at Capdesk!  

We are super excited at the Capdesk office at the moment. Spring has come to London, or at least visited a couple of times, and we are almost ready with a complete new version of Capdesk!

A small pivot

We started Capdesk in 2015 with the ambition to create the best communication platform for companies and its shareholders. However, soon after launching Capdesk beta and working with the first users we learned that the real World was a bit different than what we had hypothesised. We kept listening to users and collected a lot of feedback. Ultimately we found out that shareholders care mostly about monitoring their shares value, dilution, rights and especially liquidity.  As a result we decided a year ago to build a complete new version of Capdesk - The Rhino.

The Rhino

The Rhino will enable companies to organise equity and eventually facilitate share trades. No more spreadsheets for shareholding. For shareholders ‘The Rhino’ will offer powerful portfolio management features, allowing all to monitor different investments, portfolios, funds and performance.

Where are we going?

Capdesk mission is to become the global de facto platform for unlisted shares. The Rhino is the foundation of this mission. Many releases will follow, with focus on mainly education and user experience. Every company and shareholder should be educated on managing, monitoring and trading unlisted shares.

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Want to offer a liquidity event for shareholders or employees?

There is still a long way to fully automating trading, but we are already preparing the first liquidity events for Capdesk companies. We have partnered with some institutional investors who are interested in looking at companies on Capdesk. If you are interested in offering shareholders liquidity or buying secondaries please contact Casper at

Casper Arboll
Casper Arboll

COO and co-founder at Capdesk