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As a high-growth company, you're likely already using an HR software to help you manage your constantly expanding team. With several of our clients having several hundreds, or even thousands of employees, we realise how much more efficient it is for some of you to have the data on your HR tool feed directly into Capdesk. So we're making it possible.

If this is an important factor for streamlining your equity management processes, we want to help. Capdesk can support HR integrations so that the data from your HR platform auto-syncs with Capdesk, to reflect relevant equity events without you having to register relevant information twice. What does that mean specifically?


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1. New Employees

By integrating your HR solution with Capdesk, every time a new hire joined your company once you register that information on your HR software it would be automatically fed into Capdesk. This includes the creation of the employee profile (with that person's basic contact details, title, etc.), as well as an automatic triggering of certain equity events (such as the issuance of a grant under a specific employee share plan), if you wish.

If you have multiple equity plans set up for employees in different locations, the integration could also be configured to accommodate that (eg. currencies, documentation, certain filings to authorities etc.). 


2. Employee Terminations 

Capdesk can be configured to automatically reflect equity events that are supposed to take place when an employee is terminated on your HR platform. The possibilities here are virtually endless, and can be adapted to your company's specific policies and processes. But indicatively, every time you terminated an employee on your HR system, you could set Capdesk to automatically initiate:

- Lapse the employee's unvested grants.

- Cancel all of the employee's securities.

- Notify the employee to exercise their vested grants.

- Other bespoke agreements. 


If you're concerned that all this automation might take away some of your control over special termination cases, let's put your mind at ease right away: automatic termination on Capdesk will always come with a "manual handbrake" for when you need to tweak your standard processes a bit! 



3. Updates To Existing Employee Information

A Capdesk/HR integration would mean that any updates you make to your employee's profile on your HR platform would auto-sync with that employee's profile on Capdesk. This usually involves data fields such as address(es), name(s), email, employment date, but more fields can also be mapped to custom Capdesk fields if necessary.

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4. Employee Promotions

In this scenario, when you register an employee's promotion on your HR software, Capdesk would automatically update that information on the platform, but potentially also auto-trigger certain equity  events (for example, the issuance of a larger grant), as determined by you. 


A Few Extra Clarifications

To make the user experience aspect of things a bit clearer:

- Were you to integrate your HR tool with Capdesk, this wouldn't change anything in terms of what is visible to your employees. They would still log onto Capdesk to track their equity (provided that you've given them that option), and would only be able to see what you allow them via your Capdesk access configuration


- An HR/Capdesk integration usually does not imply a two-way data flow. Data flows from your HR platform and into Capdesk, but usually there is not a need for a data flow in the other direction

- HR integrations on Capdesk usually require some customization time. Each Capdesk client has their own access requirements, selection of HR-triggered equity events, and rules for controlling these triggers. A successful integration requires paying close attention to all details in each unique scenario.



If you have specific objectives in mind, and would like to discuss a potential integration with us, please get in touch by hitting the button below. We'd love to hear from you!


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Anastasia Valti
Anastasia Valti

Anastasia holds an MSc in International Marketing, and is currently our Marketing Associate at Capdesk's London office.