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Scarlett Pierce
Jan 14, 2019 12:09:59 PM

This article was last reviewed and updated in August 2021.

For startups and scale-ups, share certificates are a fact of life. Fast growth means you’re regularly issuing shares to employees, advisors and new investors, which means you’re regularly grappling with share certification.

The manual process is anything but efficient: filling a template with certificate information, printing it, signing it by hand and finally posting it to the shareholder. Keeping track of paper certificates and replacing any that get misplaced is yet another time-consuming task.

The good news? Capdesk makes all this a thing of the past.

We’ve converted share certificate issuances into an entirely digital process, which takes a matter of minutes and is just as reliable as old-school methods. Here’s what to expect:

If you've enabled the shareholder register and share certificate functions in your Capdesk account settings, share certificates are automatically produced every time a shareholder receives shares in your company. 


digital share certificates uk


Once the share certificate feature is active you can adjust certain settings, including certificate numbering and templates, in the ‘Generate Share Certificates’ page, pictured below:



Each time a share certificate is generated, you have a choice: you and your witness can sign the certificate immediately to make it official, or you can save it in draft mode. Either way, you’ll be able to see the status of every share certificate in your account by visiting the certificates tab under ‘Shares’:


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When signing a share certificate, you and your witness simply use a system-generated electronic signature. The platform completes the remaining information on your behalf, using data from your shareholder register.


signing share certificates digitally


That’s it! Your share certificate is now securely stored on Capdesk. The platform instantly notifies your new shareholder who can access it anytime by logging into their personal Capdesk account. Either party can also download the share certificate, should they wish to save a copy elsewhere.

You can also store share certificates issued and signed outside of Capdesk on the platform. Simply upload them as a pdf file and assign them to the correct shareholders to ensure they are visible.

When a shareholder's shares are cancelled or sold, the relevant certificate will remain on file for record-keeping purposes, but is automatically updated to reflect the cancellation or sale.


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