Capdesk's API Is Now Live!

We're proud to announce that our API is now live! This means applications and companies can use Capdesk data on their own systems. First application to use the Capdesk API is Fundstack. Fundstack is a deal workflow tool for PE and VC. Through the API, Fundstack customers will be able to see their portfolio registered on Capdesk while working in the Fundstack app.

We're looking forward to a new Capdesk era and expect new applications including investment platforms to start using our API in the near future.


Capdesk API
The Capdesk API is based on the OAuth 2.0 standard which users know from social sign ins (e.g. LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc.). The Capdesk API has thus the highest level of security, it is familiar to users and easy for developers to use. 


Mikkel Boje
Mikkel Boje

Mikkel is our CTO and co-founder at Capdesk. He holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh and is part of our Copenhagen office.